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Project Description

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Model SJ-H036A
Type HA
Ion generation method Corona discharge method
Structure Shock-proof, resistance-coupled type
Voltage application method/applied voltage Pulse AC method/±7,000 V
Ion balance control method Dual I.C.C.
Ion balance ±30 V*1
Operating distance 50 to 2,000 mm 1.97″ to 78.74″
Control input NPN open collector or non-voltage contact signal
Control output NPN type photo-relay, 100 mA max. (40 V max.)
Major functions Condition alarm, ion level alarm, alarm output
Air purge connection port Rc 1/8
Air purge supplied pressure 0.5 MPa or less
Effective length 360 mm 14.17″*2
No. ofelectrodes 4
Static elimination bar length 340 mm
Rating Power voltage 24 to 36 VDC ±10 %
Current consumption 500 mA (at 24 VDC), 350 mA (at 36 VDC)
Overvoltage category I
Pollution degree 2
Environmental resistance Ambient temperature 0 to +40 °C 32 to 104 °F
Relative humidity 35 to 85 % RH (No condensation)
Material Electrode probe Tungsten
Main unit ABS resin/PC
Weight Controller 150 g
Static elimination bar 500 g
*1 The value is measured under the following condition.
*2 The effective length is determined based on the static elimination range at a distance of 50 mm 1.97″.

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