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Project Description

KEYENCE    PS-202  in  stock

Model PS-202*1
Type Teflon®-sheathed, Thrubeam
Detecting distance TURBO 1,000 mm*2
FINE 500 mm 19.69″
Light source Infrared LED
Smallest detectable object TURBO 0.5 dia.*3
Environmental resistance Enclosure rating IP67
Ambient temperature -10 to +60 °C 14 to 140 °F (No freezing)
Relative humidity 35 to 85 % RH
Weight Approx. 40 g (including 2-m 6.6′ cable)
*1 Models with a (C) come with plug-in connectors. (For other models, use the connector included with the amplifier.)
*2 Use FINE MODE for models which do not feature TURBO MODE.
*3 Gives the size of the object which can be detected at the maximum detecting distance.

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