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Project Description

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Item Specifications
Part Number MBDKT2510E
Details A5ⅡE series
Position control type
without the safety function
Family Name MINAS A5
Series A5ⅡE series
Type Position control type
Frame B-Frame
Frequency response 2.3 kHz
Control method Position control
Safety Function without the safety function
Power device Max. current rating 15A
Current detector current rating 10A
Supply voltage Single/3-phase 200 V
I/F Classification of type Analog/Pulse
Dimensions (W) (Unit: mm) 55
Dimensions (H) (Unit: mm) 150
Dimensions (D) (Unit: mm) 130
Mass (kg) 1.0
Environment For more details, please refer to the instruction manual.


Basic Specifications

Item Specifications
Input power: Main circuit Single/3-phase 200 to 240V +10% -15% 50/60 Hz
Input power: Control circuit Single phase 200 to 240V +10% -15% 50/60 Hz
Encoder feedback 20-bit (1048576 resolution) incremental encoder, 5-wire serial
Parallel I/O connector:
Control signal Input
General purpose 10 inputs
The function of general-purpose input is selected by parameters.
Parallel I/O connector:
Control signal Output
General purpose 6 output
The function of general-purpose output is selected by parameters.
Parallel I/O connector:
Analog signal Output
2 outputs (Analog monitor: 2 output)
Parallel I/O connector:
Pulse signal Input
2 inputs (Photo-coupler input, Line receiver input)
Parallel I/O connector:
Pulse signal Output
4 outputs (Line driver: 3 output, open collector: 1 output)
Communication function USB
Communication function: USB USB interface to connect to computers for parameter setting or status monitoring.
Regeneration No built-in regenerative resistor (external resistor only)
Control mode Switching among the following 3 mode is enabled,
(1) Position control, (2) Internal velocity command, (3) Position/Internal velocity command

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