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Project Description

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Item Specifications
Product Number EX-F1
Part Number EX-F1
CE marking directive compliance EMC Directive, RoHS Directive
Sensing object Liquid
(Note):Unclear or highly viscous liquid may not be detected stably.
Applicable pipe diameter Outer dia. ø6 to ø13 mm ø0.236 to ø0.512 in transparent resin pipe[PFA (Fluorine resin) or equivalently transparent pipe, wall thickness 1 mm 0.039 in ] (Note:Do not use the sensor with pipes other than the above specified.)
Supply voltage 12 to 24 V DC ± 10 % Ripple P-P 10 % or less
Current consumption 30 mA or less
(Note:Unclear or highly viscous liquid may not be detected stably.)
Output NPN open-collector transistor
– Maximum sink current: 100 mA
– Applied voltage: 30 V DC or less (between output and 0 V)
– Residual voltage: 1 V or less (at 100 mA sink current), 0.4 V or less (at 16 mA sink current)
Output:Output operation Switchable either Light-ON (Liquid-absent-ON) or Dark-ON (Liquid-present-ON)
Output:Short-circuit protection Incorporated
Response time 2 ms or less
Operation indicator Red LED (lights up when the output is ON)
Ambient temperature -10 to +55 ℃ +14 to +131 ℉ (No dew condensation or icing allowed), Storage: -20 to +70 ℃ -4 to +158 ℉
(Note:Liquid being detected should also be kept within the rated ambient temperature range.)
Ambient humidity 35 to 85 % RH, Storage: 35 to 85 % RH
Ambient illuminance lncandescent light: 3,000 lx or less at the light-receiving face
Voltage withstandability 1,000 V AC for one min. between all supply terminals connected together and enclosure
Insulation resistance 20 MΩ, or more, with 250 V DC megger between all supply terminals connected together and enclosure
Vibration resistance 10 to 150 Hz frequency, 0.75 mm 0.030 in double amplitude in X, Y and Z directions for two hours each
Shock resistance 100 m/s2 acceleration (10 G approx.) in X, Y and Z directions three times each
Emitting element Infrared LED (modulated)
Material Enclosure: Polycarbonate, Tying band: Nylon, Anti-slip tube: Silicone
Cable 0.1 mm2 3-core cabtyre cable, 1 m 3.281 ft long
Cable extension Extension up to total 50 m 164.042 ft is possible with 0.3 mm2, or more, cable.
Weight Net weight: 15 g approx., Gross weight: 60 g approx.
Accessory Tying band: 2 pcs., Anti-slip tube: 2 pcs.

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