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Project Description

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Model GT-H10
Type Sensor head: Standard
Measuring range 10 mm 0.39″
Measuring force Downward mounting 1.0 N*1
Side mounting 0.9 N*1
Upward mounting 0.8 N*1
Mechanical response 10 Hz (at ambient temperature of 23 °C 73 °F)
Repeatability 3 µm 0.00012″ (at ambient temperature of 23 °C 73 °F)*2
Environmental resistance Enclosure rating IP67
Ambient temperature -10 to +55 °C 14 to 131 °F
Relative humidity 35 to 85 % RH
Material Housing: TYPE430 Stainless steel, Indicator: Polyarylate,
Dust boot: NBR, Contact: TYPE304 stainless steel, Cable: PVC
Weight Approx. 115 g (With 2-m 6.6′ cable)
*1 Value read near the center of the measuring range
*2 Value read at the center of the measuring range with the response time set to 100 ms.

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